What students and parents say about Kozue's studio

"We have had the privilege of taking lessons with Ms. Pepper for the last 5 years. Both of my daughters started wth piano instruction at a very young age and they have excelled tremendously under Ms. Pepper's experienced and gentle guidance. She is skilled in her method of teaching and she understands the needs of her students. Ms. Pepper is an extraordinary pianist, a patient instructor and a wonderful person. We feel very blessed to have known her." -K. Chang
"I have been a student of Kozue's for the last five years. I have had a wide variety of instructors throughout the many years that I have played piano, and certainly Kozue has been my favorite. I have learned techniques and nuances in playing that were never even mentioned to me prior to studying with Kozue. The best part is that even at this high level of teaching, she still connects and communicates well with our 14 year old daughter. Both my daughter and I have elevated our playing quickly due to her style and professionalism. I would recommend her as a piano instructor without hesitation." -Curt Priebe
"Kozue Pepper is an excellent piano instructor. She worked with my son for over six years, and during that time she helped him mature into a more sensitive and knowledgeable musician. Kozue is not only an excellent teacher, she is an exceptional musician, and she brings her profound knowledge and love of music alive with every lesson. She also has the uncanny ability to find the musician within each studentβ€”to understand what drives their interest and to turn it into their passion. She worked on everything from technique to theory to multiple genres of music with my son, keeping him engaged as he grew and gained more mastery of the instrument. She is the first teacher who added a few group lessons to the students' repertoire, enabling piano students to get to know and work with others to lessen the isolation that can be a part of individual study. Any student who works with her immediately will recognize how uniquely talented she is; they will be able to go as far as their talent and interest will take them." -Kristin Dittmann
"I have been taking lessons from Kozue for about three years, having just started learning piano on my own 6 months earlier. (I thought I would start now that our son has grown up and I have more time!) I did not think I would take lessons very long, just long enough to learn a few things and then work on my own again. But after the first lesson, I was hooked. Every lesson, she listens to what I have learned, without interruption. Then she makes just a few recommendations. I am amazed every time that I had not noticed my errors or her suggestions prior to her mentioning them. Yet, she never makes me feel inadequate, even when I am unprepared. She never makes an overwhelming numbers of suggestions, tailoring the recommendations to what she believes that I can handle before the next lesson. Her guidance has led me to improve far faster than I could have imagined, and leaps and bounds faster than I would ever have done so on my own. When Kozue left Minnesota last month, I was saddened, knowing that i would not easily find another teacher like her. I am confident, though, that she will have quite a following at her new studio.-Harold Oster
"Kozue Pepper has been a wonderful piano teacher for our son, Jacob. She taught piano to him for 4 years, from age 8-11, until she relocated with her family to Illinois. Kozue and Jacob had an instant connection. She is not only kind, caring and very patient, but she truly inspires her students to enjoy learning and to love music. Kozue's passion for teaching is evident in everything she does: as she prepares students for theory tests and performances, and as she gently encourages frequent practice and attention to details. Kozue generates a positive and nurturing learning environment. Her student piano recitals are delightful. She has student emcees introduce each performer and it is always fun to hear students of all ages and ability levels. Over the years that she taught Jacob, Kozue became a friend to our family: someone we both admired and cared about. I highly recommended her to anyone who has the desire to learn and love to play the piano." -Sue Basil