Enjoyable & Effective Piano Lessons for Beginners of All Ages

Kozue has experience teaching students from ages 2 to 70 for over 15 years.  Being a mother of two young children, Kozue understands the challenge of keeping youngsters motivated to learn.  The early stages of piano study are critical as students need to build a strong foundation and develop good habits.  While providing comprehensive music education, Kozue designs a curriculum tailored to each student's interests and goals.  Kozue also enjoys working with adults and helping them learn piano quickly while their job or family keeps them busy.  Kozue is committed to teaching students how to make a piece of music communicative and beautiful.  


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Offering Advanced Piano Technique, Aural Skills, Music History, Theory and Analysis

Kozue's students have won numerous State piano competitions and received scholarships, cash prizes and awards from the Music Teachers Associations and various local music festivals.  Kozue can help succeed any student’s musical ambitions and dynamic in these competitive yet rewarding area of piano studies:


  • Royal Conservatory Music Development Program (RCM)

  • RCM Theory Exam

  • Illinois State Comprehensive Piano Exam

  • Illinois State Music Theory Exam

  • Music Festivals and Competitions by Music Teachers National Association (MTNA), Illinois State Music Teachers Association (ISMTA) and Bloomington-Normal Music Teachers Association (BNMTA)

  • School of Music entrance auditions (College Level)

  • Chamber Music or Voice Accompanying

  • Piano Ensemble & Concerto Repertoire

piano lessons for beginners in bloomington, normal illinois
piano exam RCM

Explore a wide variety of piano styles and methods

Developing Versatile Pianists 

Students enjoy learning a wide variety of piano styles at their lessons.  Kozue is always open to new music, and encourages students to study pieces they enjoy.

piano styles to choose from

  • Classical (Music of the 17th Century through Impressionism and Modernism)

  • Jazz and Blues, Ragtime and Boogie

  • Rock and Pop

  • Contemporary

  • Chamber Music

  • Folk music from around the world

  • Hymns and Gospel

  • Musical Improvisation

Fun & Creative Approach with Various Piano Methods 

Kozue has experience with most leading piano methods.  She has studied various methods and works hard to find the best methods to fit each student's unique learning style.  Kozue creates a curriculum for each student by combining suitable piano methods with her own approach.  

piano methods to choose froM

  • Nancy & Randall Faber

  • Alfred's Basic Adult Piano Course

  • Royal Conservatory Music Development Program

  • Suzuki Music Lessons

  • Hal Leonard Piano Library

  • The Russian School of Piano Playing

  • WunderKeys Piano for Preschoolers

  • Music for Little Mozarts

  • Piano Safari

  • Solfege Studies

General Studio Information 

Private Piano Lessons are taught on a regular weekly basis following the studio calendar and are offered in 30, 45 or 60 minute sessions. 

Group Performance & Theory Classes are offered four times during the academic year.  These small, level-specific groups help make learning music theory much more fun and memorable.


Students are expected to come to lessons with their assignments completed and questions prepared. Daily practice is highly recommended as it is much more effective than cramming all practice into a few days per week.  Practicing is an essential element for improvement in music studies.  

Parental support is an extremely important factor in musical training.  Parents who take an active and honest interest in their child's progress are often rewarded with more enthusiastic and productive students.  Periodically attending a lesson will equip parents with knowledge to assist the child’s practice sessions.


The student must own an acoustic or digital piano.  Digital pianos or keyboards must be full size (88-keys) with weighted keys and a pedal. Practicing on an acoustic piano is strongly recommended.  Pianistic skill, pedaling and touch can not be developed by practicing with an improper instrument.